Of Women, Sex and Art : The Kamasutra Tales at Khajuraho


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If you have had enough of modern day porn or if your school didn’t provide sex ed, you might want to pack your bags and fly to Khajuraho, in the heartland of India, Madhya Pradesh. Trust me on this, I’ve never ever heard so many people discussing sexual science at a public place in the country I stay. Oh boy! That was a lot of sex talk! What makes the experience of being in the vicinity of one of the best temple arts of the world even more fascinating are two things that remain constant in Khajuraho’s temples ; women and sex. The beautiful and detailed portrayal of sexual positions from India’s very own Kamasutra, on the Temple walls leaves one mesmerized and aroused.The reason behind carving erotic positions of sexual activity between men and women was the spiritual inclination of the people of Khajuraho. They felt sexual pleasures were wrong and thus, to show them that it was not so, the King of Chandela Dynasty got sculptors and artists from all corners of India to carve the amazing poses.Why did they chose temples? They wanted to convey that even the Lords did it. It was a way of life. Some even say that the poses were carved to please Indra, the god of rains. Whatever might have been the actual reason they are still a visual treat.But it’s not just about the poses actually. If you take a deeper look, you would realize the kind of hard work and labor it must have taken to turn the King’s idea into a reality. Though damaged and destructed by invader Afghani Ruler Mehmood Gaznavi, the sculptures won’t fail to amaze you. It was a fascinating experience for me.